The Core

Whenever I find myself confused about what I do as an OT (which is often), I find it helpful to peel back the layers of the OT onion, get through the theories and frames of reference, the interventions and tools, the history and vision -  and see what’s left.

Occupation is the core of that onion. It’s the major defining factor and what makes us unique. But only in one specific way: the use occupation in action to achieve health and well being.

It’s not about reaching occupational goals, engaging in activity or improving function, because everyone helps with that.  It’s not about making someone stronger, more mobile or able to do the things they need and want to do - everyone in healthcare cares about those things too.

It’s about using occupation as the vehicle to help others.

We do good work in doing the other things too, but they’re just layers of the OT onion.